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Origin: Norway

Genre: Folktronica

Label: KOSO

Komlava, aka Åse Ava Lange Fredheim is an artist, composer, producer, singer and songwriter. Over the years she's composed music for theatre- and dance performances such as Oxytrain (Katja Schia & Nina Biong), Fall and Parallell (Hammervold-Austinat). She’s collaborated with choreographer Martine Hammervold-Austinat on several occasions. She releases music with the name Ava Freddy, and she's also part of the duo Heim, which continuously explores different genres. Komlava does mix and mastering in addition to performing in different productions. She’s worked with artists like Disaster in the Universe, Maria & the Brymstones, Ida Waaler, Elektrolise and KOSO’s Juno Jensen. A trademark for her work is an organic basis. Through her more experimental productions you find sound material gathered mostly from our surroundings. She adopted these methods while studying music design at Kristiania University College, and they’ve become an essential part of her soundscapes.

Photography by Linnea Syversen

Komlava @ KOSO

Selected productions

Komlava: Moods 2021

-album release

Komlava: Oxytrain 2021

-album release

Komlava: Parallell 2020

-album release

Komlava: Radius 2020

-album release

Alternative Gene Therapy 2020
-music and soundscape for art performance, Open Out Tromsø, with: Elind Rui Blix and Marita Isobel Solberg

Prikkfri Marihøne: Pow pow ra shakaka 2020

-album release, music for children

Komlava: WADADM 2019

-album release

Komlava: Fall 2019
-album release

Ønskeskogen 2017

-children theatre by Kompani Lerkefalk, with Thale Tornes, Katja Lindeberg, Katja Schia and Elisabet Topp


Fall 2017 - Munchmuseet on the Move

-dance performance by Martine Hammervold-Austinat, with Kristine Steinsdatter Jensen, Vibeke Sæther and Vigdis Langeggen

Ava Freddy: Appily Ever After 2017

-album release


Oxytrain 2016

-dance performance by Katja Schia and Nina Biong


Parallell 2015

-dance performance by Martine Hammervold-Austinat, with Kristine Steinsdatter Jensen og Steffi Lund


Trio 2015

-TV-series for youth by Nordic Stories for NRK Super


Spindelvev 2014

-dance art film by Anna Einemo Frøysland


1001 Sandkorn 2014

-short film by Silje Züleyha Grimsøen


Oskar 2014

-short film by Sebastian Sojski


What a difference a day made 2014

-dance performance by Martine Hammervold-Austinat, with Jonas Olsen, Malene Sørlie, Anna Einemo Frøysland, Elise Aabakken and Kristine Steinsdatter Jensen

How long has this been going on? 2012

-dance performance by Martine Hammervold-Austinat, with Katja Schia, Eva Grainger and Kristine Steinsdatter Jensen

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